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Active Myofascial Therapy and Diamond Active Massage is designed to work fast to reduce (or eliminate) your pain and improve your function within your very 1st session!


AMT Therapy Schedule Structure:

For the most comprehensive results – we highly recommend you start with the Accelerated Program.

The Accelerated Program includes: A thorough Initial Evaluation, plus a short series of additional therapy sessions.

The Initial Evaluation is suggested so your therapist can determine exactly what is going on with your body: Your assessment will include the range of motion of your joints, muscular strength, sitting, walking, and standing posture; You will discuss therapies you have tried in the past, etc, and then based on these results, a full therapy plan will be designed to give you the quickest pain relief and the most comprehensive improvements.

The Additional Therapy Sessions may include any combination of AMT.

  • Manual therapy
  • Actions (AMT’s exclusive style of therapeutic exercise)
  • Postural Education
  • Sleep Education
  • Ergonomic Education
  • Manual and Mechanical Traction
  • Heat and/or Ice Therapy.

At the very 1st session, you should start to see improvement, and at the conclusion of the Accelerated Program, you should see a marked improvement in your condition. You will also feel confident in what you will be doing to maintain your ‘new and improved’ condition, such as knowing how and when to do the Actions, how to maintain your posture, strength, and flexibility.

The Accelerated Program should be scheduled close together with a day or two in-between, for example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Monday.

Additional individual appointments:
If needed, additional sessions are scheduled on an as-needed- basis. Depending on your condition, these follow-up sessions may be with an Active Myofascial Therapist or another therapy provider.

Although it is not optimal, if the full Accelerated Package is not something you can afford now due to scheduling or budget needs, we still encourage you to receive at least one or two individual AMT sessions so you can experience at least some improvements.

In the individual sessions, your therapist will perform a quick assessment before and after, and provide the therapy she feels would benefit you the most.


Each therapist who practices AMT is their own business owner, so they design their own therapy plan for you and define their own policies.


Therapists are encouraged to allow their patients and clients continued access to their expertise for any related problem that comes up, once you have completed the Accelerated Program.

For a list of Therapists who Provide Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method™:
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In San Francisco:

Active Myofascial Therapy can be received at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center in San Francisco with either the founder of AMT, Irene Diamond, RT, or other qualified Active Myofascial Therapists.

Currently, Diamond Active Massage is being taught to qualified providers by the founder of DAM, Irene Diamond, RT.

Locations across the globe
are currently being considered to become approved licensed facilities.

We hope to have Diamond Active Massage available
in a few exclusive locations soon.

(If you would like to become an approved location or a certified therapist, 
your inquiry is welcome.