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You don’t want to be in Pain.But you don’t know where else to turn to get the relief and answers you need.

Have your doctors said?:

  • You need to “live with it”
  • It’s all in your head
  • It’ll go away
  • You need surgery
  • These meds will help
  • Do some stretches – that will help
  • We can inject you
  • Hmmm…

Well, you and I know THOSE ARE NOT THE ANSWERS!

irene headshot imageI know your pain because I was there!I actually broke my neck in a fall, and after my spinal cord injury,I had chronic pain and very limited movement. I was just 15 years old at the time. and spent 2 months in a hospital bed in traction and then surgery. I hadlots of pain and the doctors said, “Oh, you’re young, you’ll be fine very soon.”

Well… of course, I wasn’t “Fine”. I had years of nagging, searing pain in my arms, neck and upper back. I had constant headaches and hardly any movement in my neck.So, I started the long progression of my own therapy. I read every book I could find, and went to therapists and actually directed THEM on what to do with their hands. Over the last 20 years, I developed this system of Active Myofascial Therapy.This Special Report is based on this Active Myofascial Therapy technique. It has helped thousands of people in pain, just like you, and it can help you too!

If you are ready to get some pain relief right now, (at absolutely no cost), I encourage you to just fill in your name and email below and we will rush you the report through your email.In the next few minutes, my report will be in your hands and you can begin to apply the advice immediately!