We want to help you spread the word about your new certification, so here is a download of a press release you can use.

Be sure to modify the Press Release to be personalized to you.

You will fill in: your name, your city, your quote, your client’s quote, your contact info, and anything else that will help tell the story.
Click the image to download the Press Release to use for your promotions. Send the release to the media, your clients, referring health care providers.
You can include images such as your head shot and a picture of you providing AMT to a client!

We are big fans of to get your info out easily and cost-effectively.

Be sure to refer often to this Certification page which we will keep current for you with all your 40 hour seminar information.

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If you want us to have your information on the list of Certified AMT therapists- email us your name, city and state, contact info to give out to the public, such as website, email, etc.

As usual-if you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact us through

info (@) theDiamondMethod .com

And, if you have not yet checked out our sister website-, please do ~ It is chocked-full of helpful information to grow your therapy practice!

Happy Active Myofascial Therapy-providing!

Irene and staff