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Experience a Diamond Active Massage™,
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WHAT IS Diamond Active Massage™️ ?

Watch Diamond Active Massage™
to low back and traps

(video was created for therapists learning DAM)

Watch Diamond Active Massage™
to neck and shoulders

(video was created for therapists learning DAM)

Want "Deep Tissue" pressure?

You got it!

Want to really "Get in and Get the knots out"?

You got it!

  Want Muscle-aches Relieved?

You got it!

Diamond Active Massage™ (DAM)

Originated from Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method®, the corrective-based therapy approach created by rehabilitation therapist and exercise specialist, Irene Diamond, RT.


Diamond Active Massage is Revolutionizing the Massage & Therapy Industry.  
Nothing like this has ever been seen before!


A DAM session is extremely fast, efficient, and effective because it's an "Inside-Out" approach with the client actively engaging their neuro-muscular system while receiving the therapist's manual touch.


During the session the therapist guides the client to move a specific area of their body contracting and releasing their muscles, WHILE receiving the massage.


Believe it or not...
A client can ONLY receive a Diamond Active Massage once they've mastered the Simple-6 Actions (movements).

We know it's crazy for a therapist to require you to first "pass a test" prior to receiving your first Diamond Active Massage session...

Picture of man in T-shirt that says, "I Provide the Best DAM Massage In Town! "

The reason we do is to be sure you know the "Simple 6"!

The Simple 6 are the 6 movement patterns your therapist will ask you to activate while you're receiving the
Diamond Active Massage.

By gently moving your joints and contracting your muscles during your session, your relief and results are

(Clients experience double the results in half the time than it would take in a traditional massage.)

Because YOU are actively involved, you are part of the therapy treatment, too.

Truly Mind-Body Connection.

Once you're familiar with the "Simple 6" you're a "certified DAM client". 

You then can receive a Diamond Active Massage anywhere in the world from any certified Diamond Active Massage Therapist at any designated approved Diamond Active Massage facility.

Diamond Active Massage is unique:

Diamond Active Massage™ utilizes an exclusive, unique combination of Massage, Myofascial Therapy, and Trigger Point approaches but the most important aspect is it incorporates the client's participation during the massage.

Instead of traditional passive massage -- DAM involves the client's awareness to facilitate change on a neuro-level and in effect, "re-trains their brain" to release holding patterns and tension.

The #1 method of hands-on manual massage to de-stress, get rid of tension, tightness & knots, and improve joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.

The client's active movement provides the deepest muscle relaxation, with zero discomfort.

The clinical results are faster than traditional passively-received massage.

Faster, more long-lasting relief.

Much easier on the therapist's body to deliver, so prolongs their career!

When you want MORE than a basic massage, be sure to request a "DAM Good Massage!"™

When you want MORE than a basic massage, be sure to request a
"DAM Good Massage!™"

- Relieve basic Sport's Injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff tears

- Reduce over-use strain and pain in arms, neck, shoulders and backs from too much desk work, yard work, or factory work.

- Relieve Tension Headaches and Emotional Stress

- Improve Sports Performance

- Reduce Slouched Posture

- Eliminate Pregnancy & Post-Partum discomfort

Up-Level YOUR next massage session ~
Ask for a Diamond Active Massage™️ by name,
or ask  for a DAM Great Massage!

When you receive your Diamond Active Massage, provided only by a certified Diamond Active Massage Therapist, you're part of this global Active Massage™ Revolution.

In 2009 World Record holder, Mick Dawson from England
came in for his DAM GREAT MASSAGE just 1 day after he smashed the record.

He and his partner rowed in the open ocean, over 6 months straight in a small 2-man boat from Japan to San Francisco, California.

Ask for Diamond Active Massage the next time
 you need & want deep muscle pain relief

Diamond Active Massage was created by rehabilitation therapist, exercise specialist, & Massage World Hall of Fame inductee, Irene Diamond, RT.

“Clients are amazed at the fast results their DAM therapist can attain in such an effective method.”

DAM sessions are currently ONLY offered at a few select health clubs, spas, cruise lines, clinics, and sports training centers around the globe.

(Ask YOUR therapist to go through our BETA program of DAM soon)

Improved Performance & Mobility

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Muscle Tension Relief

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