Would You Like to Host an Active Myofascial Therapy or an Active Muscle Massage Seminar in Your City?

​It's great to see your interest in bringing ​The Diamond Method seminar to your area. 

Irene Diamond (that's me!) I am the founder of AMT & AMM) is the lead instructor ​for these seminars​. 

I love to teach -- and having hosts in other parts of the world allow​s me to make it happen! 

​Together, with your help, we can reach more therapists, who in turn can touch so many more client's lives!


Benefits of Hosting A Seminar:

  • You don't need to travel to the event!

  • You receive ONE full tuition scholarship for yourself or to gift to another person of your choosing to attend the training you arranged.

  • You ​will host future events after the first event's success with more ease.

  • You ​will earn a commission for each registrant after the minimum requirements have been met. *

  • Your event (and your business / facility / organization) will be listed on TheDiamondMethod.com website under event calendar.

  • TheDiamondMethod promotional and marketing material will be provided to you to use to promote the event. You can request personalized content for you to post via email, tweets or FaceBook, etc.

  • We will provide you with a pdf ​announcement to print or disseminate around your area in order to promote the event.

  • You will gain an upper edge on the other therapists in your area who do not practice Active Myofascial Therapy or Active Muscle Massage

Details of Hosting A Seminar:

We handle all the registration logistics and payment collection through our website.

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    ​You arrange the event space, and we can help you with the negotiations if the event is held at a hotel rather than your facility.
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    ​You help with the local and online promotions via your website, social media, and emailing your lists to direct attendants to our site to register.
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    ​Your promotion should include physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage schools and groups, as well as other avenues of reaching the prospective student through groups such as Meetups, BNI, etc.
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    ​You will also help with hotel, transportation arrangements and the local needs of the presenter when they are in your area.
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    ​You will cover the cost and arrangement for printing of the course documents to have available for the seminar.

Our Requirements for Hosting A Seminar:

​Since we keep the trainings very private with only a handful of therapists, we won't need a huge hotel or conference room.

All we need is a space large enough and suitable for instruction of 4-5 therapy tables.
 (Usually a minimum of 400-800​ square feet.)

  • Facility must be clean, have temperature and light control, parking and easy bathroom access.

  • Wheelchair and disabled access possible.

  • Minimum of ​4 fully paid registrants for seminars in the United States by 3 weeks prior to event date.

  • Minimum of ​1​0 fully paid registrants for seminars outside the United States by 4 weeks prior to event date.

  • Pre-payment deposit of $1000 due to hold date for your event (This deposit may be applied to ticket sales you make or it may be refunded in full after the event and/or if the event is canceled by TheDiamondMethod due to insufficient ticket sales.)

  • If the event does not occur due to inadequate promotion by you, the deposit will not be refunded.

Please Note:

​Event Hosting DOES Take Some of Your Time. We must know you are committed to seeing your event through to completion. Please only request to host an event that you are able to dedicate some time to promote -- you will be paid for your efforts in free tuition and possibly commission from sales of tickets after the minimums have been met.

Thanks for your interest in spreading
The Diamond Method around the world!

​Would you like to suggest an event in your city?

Please send your suggestion and a little about yourself in an email to info @ TheDiamondMethod.com

You can do it!
We'll help you!


​  Call today for answers to any questions regarding promoting a seminar at your location or in your city. (415) 921 -1290 (Pacific time, USA)