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Irene Diamond, RT, founder and creator of
The Diamond Method?

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Dear Patient, Therapist & Wellness provider,

My name is Irene Diamond, and I developed Active Myofascial Therapy & Active Muscle Massage ~ The Diamond Method®.

The "RT" after my name stands for Rehabilitation Therapist. This specialty is similar to an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist but focuses more on manual therapeutic intervention along with movement, awareness and neuro-retraining.

Hold on to your seat...

AMT® originated as a result of me actually breaking my neck (at C-5/6) and needing to find relief from chronic pain, migraine, and restricted, tight muscles.

My injury was from a tragic fall while I was practicing a form of gymnastics called Acro-sports. I was 15 years old and standing on the shoulders of my partner, about to perform a somersault into a 'fish' position in his arms.

. I am also recognized in the physical therapy, personal fitness, massage, and chiropractic professionsInstead, I fell from that 10-foot-height, head-diving straight onto the gymnastics mat.

Luckily, my acro-partner was a medical doctor (anesthesiologist) and immediately suspected I had suffered a spinal cord injury. 

He did all the "right things” to prevent my injury from getting worse. I was completely paralyzed initially, but luckily, after 2 months in the hospital flat on my back, in halo traction, and then spinal surgery, I eventually went on to regain full movement, although in chronic pain...

Fortunately, I was able to finish my high school education and then earn my degree in Rehabilitative Recreation and Movement Therapy. I used myself and my clients as the first “guinea pigs” to learn and perfect the AMT approach's effects on various musculoskeletal conditions.

I started my private practice in 1988 and established Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center in 1995.

Over the years, I fine-tuned Active Myofascial Therapy (now called Active Modulation Therapy®)  into a recognized 7-step rehabilitation and pain relief method that I use in practice and teach to therapists. I'm honored that other therapists in cities across the globe now provide their patients with AMT's long-lasting, powerful results and benefits.

(More details of the science behind Active Modulation Therapy® can be found here)

I am grateful to be recognized as an industry leader for my work. In August 2013, aboard the Queen Mary oceanliner in Long Beach, California, I was inducted into the Massage World Hall of Fame, and I am recognized in the physical therapy, personal fitness, massage, and chiropractic profession as a leader in clinical and business strategy and consultation.

Between teaching clinic owners and therapists AMT and how to Design Their Dream Practice through consulting and mentorship in running a clinical practice., it thrills me to continue to provide Active Myofascial Therapy to just a few hand-selected patients each month in San Francisco, California.

I look forward to continuing to help patients and therapists build better lives for themselves and their patients and clients!

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