When Your Clients Ask For a
“Diamond Active Massage”
Will YOU Be Ready?

Diamond Active Massage™ will soon
be sweeping the country.

As more clients experience the fast-acting relief from muscle tightness, pain, and stress, they will NEVER want to go back to
‘regular’ massage again!


They want DEEP Tissue?
You can do it!

They want muscle aches relieved!
You can do it!

They need a therapist who can really get in and get the knots out?
You can do it!

You want a technique that is effective, gives clients the deep work they want, but doesn’t hurt your own body or wear you out?
Active Muscle Massage is it!


See the video below for a preview of a client receiving a Diamond Active Muscle Massage to his back and shoulders.

If you want to be able to offer much more than a “Slide & Glide” massage,
Active Muscle Massage is for you!

  • Relieve basic Sport’s Injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbow, and
  • Reduce over-use strain and pain in arms, neck, shoulders and backs from too much desk work, yard work, or factory work.
  • Enhance physical ability
  • Take care of Work-Related pain
  • Improve Poor Posture
  • Eliminate Pregnancy discomfort
  • Up-Level YOUR massage practice!

  • Set yourself apart from the crowd!

  • Charge what you are worth!

  • And still have a load of energy at the end of a long day!

Attend our 1-day
Diamond Active Massage seminar

with the founder of DAM,
Irene Diamond, RT.


We invite you to become an
Active Massage Therapist!

We offer a few FREE “Sneak Peek AMM Seminars to give you a 1.5 hour taste of
Active Muscle Massage. You can earn 1.5 CEUs for FREE!
Click here for details and to register to attend.


Listen to what Mick said Before & After his 1 session of Active Muscle Massage:

(Watch this VIDEO)
Featuring 2009 World record holder, Mick Dawson from England, a day after her broke the record,  rowing a small 2-man boat from Japan to San Francisco. (It took Mick over 6 months of straight rowing. “Do ya think his back was a little sore?”)

 Offer Diamond Active Massage
the next time your clients need & want deep muscle pain relief!

Diamond Active Massage™ utilizes an exclusive, unique combination of Massage, Myofascial Therapy, and Trigger Point along the therapist’s YOUR participation to provide you with the deepest results faster than traditional massage!

You Don’t Have To Struggle to Do ‘Deep Tissue’ Anymore!

Diamond Active Massage is the #1 method of hands-on de-stressing, while getting rid of tension, tightness & knots!

Diamond Active Massage originated from the  corrective-based therapy technique called Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method®, created by rehabilitation therapist and exercise specialist, Irene Diamond, RT.

Clients are amazed at the fast results their Diamond Active Massage therapist can attain in such an effective method.

AMT and founder, Irene Diamond both were featured in ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapists!
(Click Here to read the article)

Currently DAM sessions are primarily offered at Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center in San Francisco, California, USA, but we encourage you to become one of the smart Therapists to be trained to provide DAM in your city.


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