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How would you like to Upgrade your order to include our “Very Important Person Lunch – MasterMind Package”?

This VIP lunch experience is your chance to get the FULL “DIAMOND Experience”! You’ll be able to join us for a beautiful, satisfying, VIP lunch on ALL 3 days. (This special lunch price is space- available so we cannot guarantee the opportunity will remain open. Surprisingly, it actually costs about $170 per person to have 3 catered lunches at the hotel with service, tip and tax, so because we believe so strongly in the value of the mastermind process, we are actually subsidizing this price for you to make it affordable for you.   These VIP lunches are a FANTASTIC opportunity to begin the “Diamond Master-Mind” experience. You will get to network, share ideas, and discuss what you’ve just learned, not to mention being able to maximize your exposure to the host of experts who will be participating with you and other invited VIP guests. (And of course, by choosing this option, you avoid the long lines at the restaurants or running around trying to find food and then rush back too the event!)   I’ve grabbed a private spot to have these private lunches that are ready IMMEDIATELY when we break, allowing you to skip all the restaurant lines, get your lunch right away, and begin to mastermind with the other amazing experts who will be there participating at the event too. The Combined Power: As you may know, “master minding’ is the process of joining small groups of like-minded people together to reach a higher level of accomplishment. (Some therapists have their biggest break-through’s and “aha” moments at these lunches!) If you want the Ultimate Backstage Pass with full VIP Lunch Masterminding, with no lines and the opportunity to make connections with some amazing people, then just click the orange “add to cart” button below.

And, if the networking at these lunches isn’t enough, you’ll be getting delicious, healthy meals that are GOOD for you! I have asked the chefs to personalize the menu, to help you maintain a healthy eating plan with yummy-tasting food! These meals are designed to keep you satisfied and focused and your energy high throughout the rest of the day.

Enjoy the ease of 3 days of eating “Diamond-style” and relax with more energy, and focus.

  Are You An “Action Taker”? Making the choice to join us for these VIP Master-mind lunches, is the first step of proving you are an “Action Taker” and not just a looker. The VIP Lunches are a super-powerful method to get every last drop of goodness out of this event! (Success Hint: About 90% of the participants at this event will be attending these beautiful VIP Mastermind lunches. I hope you choose to do so too!)

VIP event lunch Option is Only $97 for all three days: SAVE $70. when you make your reservation prior to event (At the event lunch package is $167.)


Click the orange “Add to Cart” button below to add the VIP Lunch Experience to your order!

Please Note: You MUST advise us of any dietary preferences such as vegetarian or gluten-free at least 7 days prior to event. (If you choose to order a VIP Lunch package at the door it will be at the full $167.00 per person rate.)