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Can you Imagine, if you could Finally Gain the Respect and Prestige you deserve as a Massage Therapist?

Look at this: Carmella Has Been A Rehab Therapist for Over 19 Years & Now, GETS It!

Whether you call yourself a Pain Relief Specialist, Massage Therapist, Injury Expert or anything else…

Do you need and want to get more referrals from doctors as a rehab therapist?


Irene Diamond held a Tele-Seminar to help you gain more Credibility and Respect from health care providers so you are Not “Just Another Massage Therapist” and get more referrals from them!


Learn Irene’s 5-Step P.R.O.U.D. Formula

(Seminar registration fee of $129 is waived at this time.)

Once You Become Your town’s “Go-To” Therapist for pain relief, injury rehab, and corrective-based work, You Will Have:

• More Medical Referrals

• Happier Clients & Patients

• Higher Level of Respect

• Higher Income

• More FUN!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am Irene Diamond, RT., the founder of Active Myofascial Therapy~The Diamond Method, and lead rehab therapist at Diamond Wellness Center in San Francisco, California.

I am also the creator of the worlds best know business-success resource for therapists, called

And one last tidbit, just so you know I know a little about what I’m talking about, I will be inducted into the Massage World Hall of Fame in 2013, aboard the Queen Mary, in Long Beach California.

Register below and we will send you the link for the replay:

“Gain Respect & Credibility With other Health Care Providers ~ Learn The 5-Step PROUD Formula”

Dear Therapist,

Are you tired of being thought of as “JUST A Massage Therapist” in the eyes of Health Care Providers?

Are you ready to establish your practice as the premier referral-choice for medical doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals when they determine their patients need to be referred manual and soft-tissue care?

Do you want to know what to do so medical providers think of you 1st when they are looking to refer their patients?

I invite you to learn my 5-step “P.R.O.U.D.” Formula for getting known as the top-notch rehab therapist in your area.

The PROUD formula is a guaranteed set of steps for you to follow to establish yourself professionally to earn a better reputation in your community. The PROUD formula does NOT cost you a dime to learn, nor to implement into your practice. Once you’ve listened to the TeleSeminar you can start doing what you learn that very same day and you won’t even need to spend any money to do it!

If you already feel confident about your skills as a therapist, and you know how to get stellar clinical results, I can teach you how you can finally earn the respect you deserve and begin to become known as the best clinical therapist in your city, town or even state!

My 5-step Proud Formula will help you:

  • Position yourself so you stand out among your peers and are not seen as “just another massage therapist”

  • Understand how to explain to others about your work, when they ask you ‘what you do’

  • Be able to talk about the therapy you provide so doctors know you are the therapist they must choose for their patients

  • Create the atmosphere in your clinical office so your clients and the referring docs know you are not a ‘flakey therapist’ and that you mean business

  • Provide the best clinical results for your clients

  • Establish yourself as a member of your client’s health care team

Once you understand the PROUD formula you will finally be able to:

  • Provide your therapy to many more clients and patients

  • Get more referrals from docs and other health-care providers

  • Earn more money in your practice, and

  • Have more fun!

Chairmassage hands on forehead


If you are NOT incorporating the PROUD formula in your rehab/medical massage practice … you are never going to see the level of success so many of my students are seeing.

Your clients, patients, and health care providers may never truly understand the level of professionalism you have and the quality of care you can provide, so they will never know to refer their patients to you!

Let’s make that change for you, ok? Register below so you can start right away!

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  • & regain your life!

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