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Post Surgery and Shoulder pain brought her in... 

Professional dancer, Catlin completed her 5-session AMT therapy program with the knowledge to dance pain-free into her future.

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Dani B.

About a year ago, I went for a serious stress-related issue and had amazing results. As background, I experienced post-traumatic stress after a friend died, and was having awful headaches due to clenching and grinding my teeth at night. My doctor and dentist both recommended I try massage therapy since the pain was unbearable. I called to explain the situation and talked to the owner, Irene Diamond. She recommended the myofascial therapy technique. I booked a series of 3 appointments with Sarah, who is Level 2 or 3 (higher level = more experienced). She focused on my head, jaw, and neck. After the first session, the tension was relieved. The second session, I could tell the headaches were better. The third, the pain was gone. Seriously, I know this may sound hokey, but to go from downing 20 Advil a day to having the pain just gone, it felt like a miracle.

Susan came for Relief from migraines and knee pain...

In ONLY 4 Targeted Active Myofascial Therapy sessions, she found relief.

You’ve just discovered a real gem

Sherill Rohde Booking Administrator / Bill Graham Presents

If you’re considering working with Irene Diamond, you’ve just discovered a real gem (no pun intended!).

What is particularly gratifying about having studied with Irene is that I know that the foundation of my training is grounded in proper technique, and an awareness of physiology, and muscular and skeletal movement. She’s taught me to minimize injury and maximize physical benefits.

Beyond these important fundamental aspects, Irene is a pleasure to be with. Her positive attitude and ability to educate in a manner that’s easy to absorb and retain make her a superb teacher. She knows her subject thoroughly, and seems to have a real commitment to passing the joy of movement and fitness along to others.

It goes without saying that I recommend Irene very highly. My work with her helped me turn a corner in my life, and I know that you’d have to search long and hard to find another of her caliber.

I can’t thank you enough!

Marty Kornfeld

I can’t thank you enough! I’m walking now and feel great!

I’ve been lucky all these years to have never had any problems with my back. Up until the one day when I was out in the garden, and all of a sudden felt my back go into spasm. I could barely move, and felt as though I had seriously injured a disc or something in my low back.

Two of my buddies who also have back pain suggested I see their chiropractor. But another friend of mine who has been going to you for years when ever he gets into “back trouble” told me to see you.

He was right! After only 5 sessions of the Active Myofascial Therapy with Irene and Mike, I felt (feel) 100% better. All my pain is gone, and as you suggested I am walking on a regular basis now and doing the series of therapeutic exercises you taught me, which really help.

Your work certainly beats getting cracked by a chiropractor, and the information on back care you gave me will help me for the life of my back!

I give you high kudos, and sing your praises to everyone I know who has back pain. Hopefully, I will never see you again! (Professionally, that is!)

Mick Dawson

2009 World record holder, Mick Dawson from England, came for an Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method a day after he broke the record, rowing a small 2-man boat from Japan to San Francisco. (It took Mick over 6 months of straight rowing.

Listen to what Mick said Before & After his 1 session of AMT.

Luis Garcia

Luis received complete relief from a pinched nerve (after only 9 sessions) from receiving Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method.

He is still a regular client, receiving monthly therapy to be sure he never experiences anything like that again.


Linda is an Occupational Therapists who traveled from England to the US and only needed to receive a single session of Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method.

Her Fibromyalgia pain was reduced and she felt hopeful again to be able to live a more pain-free life once she returned home.


Svetlana was badly injured in a car accident.She found relief through receiving Active Myofascial Therapy.


After 4 Car Accidents Jazmine was left in so much pain she couldn't even stand to be hugged.

AMT relieved her pain and she is now able to work and live her life fully, again.


Leslie was referred for relief of migraines and back pain. After the first 45 minute session of Active Myofascial Therapy, she did not have a head ache and her neck pain was almost gone.

Two days later she came back for a follow up visit of 30 minutes and was amazed at how fast and effective the results were and she enjoyed the education on how to decrease the possible cause of her migraines.


Using The Diamond Method ... he felt the pain melt away.

I just had to tell you about the great results I have been getting using AMT- The Diamond Method in my practice.

I had a new client come in for a consultation about his headaches and other problems. He has been in for two treatments since the consultation and is making great progress already. He had several 'hot spots' in his neck/shoulder area and using the Diamond Method the results were amazing to him, as he felt the pain melt away.

The Actions, (especially the turtle and the arm circles) has helped him also. I can't wait to see him on his next visit in a few days.

Another client, (a regular) found relief in some areas that seemed to be chronic.

I have been able to incorporate (Active Myofascial Therapy) into my work quite nicely.
Thank you so much for a great seminar.

Linda Walker

Through The Diamond Method I have recovered from debilitating pain

“Before AMT, I was in such pain that I couldn’t sit, walk or drive with any degree of comfort. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical if Active Myofascial Therapy would give me the relief I needed, on both a short and long term basis. What I received with Active Myofascial Therapy was much more than I expected!
Through this work I have recovered from the debilitating pain I had in my lower back.

I work in Silicon Valley in the corporate world. People would benefit immensely if hospitals, physical therapy centers, insurance companies and the medical profession as a whole took greater interest in the benefit of clinical Active Myofascial Therapy. In fact, if health plans provided clinical manual therapy as a service, I believe we would see a dramatic decrease in employee absenteeism.”

Jill Jay - Client

AMT Therapy Is Amazing

“I’m doing great! I have been dancing even more than I used to before the injury. Most importantly, I feel limitless!

I thank Active Myofascial Therapy for (teaching) me stretching and range of motion exercises. I continue to do them every day. AMT therapy is amazing and I'm glad I was able to (receive it) right after my injury. It pushed me hard, made me move, but it is paying off now!”

Erika Goncalvez - Client

The Active Myofascial Therapy relieved a significant amount of my pain

“Fifteen years ago I was in a car accident, and suffered the first four years with chronic nerve pain in my neck and back. I declined a recommended neck surgery, and tried everything from physical therapy, acupuncture, shiatsu, spine clinic, TENS unit and medication. Neurologists and spine doctors prescribed medication, an epidural and rest (no working out). They told me I would not dance again and I would not be able to hold my own children if I were to have any in the future. They said I would always have this pain. I was crushed with the negative feedback and physically drained by the heavy medication. I suffered for years, waking up each night in pain. My left leg would go numb when I would walk or drive.

I am a very active person and found over the years that this treatment plan was not working for me. I started looking for another option.

That's when I found Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness Center and the Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT). AMT tremendously helped me reduce my daily headaches, my neck pain and tightness, my lower back pain, and tingling I felt in both of my arms. AMT helped me create awareness of my body, my posture and daily activities in order for me to maintain my pain levels- which meant getting my active life back.

Irene Diamond (Director of the Center) is very passionate and makes you feel empowered to heal your own pain. Her kindness and deep understanding of the body and chronic pain, gave me a breath of fresh air and was a driving force for me to change how I experienced my pain. She helped me understand how my pain was working within my body. She teaches you daily stretching techniques (called 'Actions') that I still utilize to this day. The Active Myofascial Therapy relieved a significant amount of my pain in only a couple of sessions. Within months I was training for a marathon. I have ran the Nike Women's Marathon and NYC Marathon, and have shared many dance performances at social justice events. I highly recommend AMT for anyone who lives with pain. It's time to feel good again!

Irene, thank you! I am eternally grateful!"

Andrea O’Hare - Client

You get unbelievable deep relief

“To Prospective Clients:
I just wanted to put a word in for Irene Diamond’s Active Myofacial Therapy.
I tore the rhomboid muscle in my back last year lifting weights, and was in intense pain for 4 months. I didn’t get the injury diagnosed until month 2, but I found AMT through an article in one of the local magazines published in the Bay Area of California.

While I’d been to Rolfers and myofacial practitioners before, this AMT work is different. You get unbelievable deep relief by employing movement during the work by the patient. The depth and relief received is much greater than I’d experienced from any therapy before.

My twice-weekly AMT sessions was the only relief from constant pain until the injury healed.

Check it out—Active Myofascial Therapy - The Diamond Method is unlike other deep work you’ve had, and it’s powerful stuff.”

Steph Gleason - Client

This is not a "flakey massage". AMT is the real deal

“This is not anything like a flakey massage. AMT is the real deal. If you play hard, work hard and know enough to treat your body to regular fine-tuning, this is for you. Active Myofascial Therapy is wonderful. I bought 5 gift sessions and have given them out as thank you gifts to dear friends and business partners who are in pain. They love me forever for that gift!”

Sirima S Client

Irene Diamond.....Your method has forever changed my practice

“There is a certain person out there that I feel so much gratitude towards. She really cares that you understand as many aspects as possible in not only her technique but also in business. She is full of ideas and finds ways on how to be even better than you were yesterday. Irene Diamond, I am still yet a beginner, it's only been since October that I took your seminar in Active Myofascial Therapy. Your method has forever changed my practice. I incorporate it in my massages daily. And I am slowly growing with "ah ha" moments every time! And that's just from ONE of your classes.”

Rachelle Harper Gonzalez Therapist

I so appreciate your positive, funny spirit and sense of joyfulness

“Hi Irene,
I wanted to thank you again for your time and wisdom during the AMT seminar. Besides all the great content and technique, I so appreciate your positive, funny spirit and sense of joyfulness as you taught. I’ve been to quite a number of regional and national seminars in the past and there was often this sense of the keynote speakers laboring through yet another city like a semi-bored rock star on tour. Your commitment, humility and enjoyment of your work really came through, and I found that as compelling as the rest.”

Jeff Nixa Therapist

Through Active Myofascial Therapy I was shortly off all of my medication

“I was suffering from a slipped disc in my neck and it was causing numbness down my arm to my thumb. I was taking so much medication and received very little relief from a physical therapist. Through the unique therapeutic technique, Active Myofascial Therapy, I began to feel much better and was shortly off all of my medication.”

Luis Manuel Garcia Client

She gained back almost 50% of range from one session.

“I used AMT on a chiropractor who has poor range of motion in her shoulder. She had been everywhere and was told it would take 6-8 month of therapy. She got relief from pain and gained back almost 50% of range from one session.”

David Sandler Therapist

Impressive Instant
Neck & Back Pain Relief

As a nurse, Joi knows her body and therapy. She sustained injuries in a car accident, and through The Diamond Method she reached 100% function again.

2 months later I am still pain free!

“I developed a painful stress related injury (from extensive computer use) and went to a new therapist based on the recommendation from a friend who knows about physical therapy. (This was after seeing a chiropractor and lots of Advil.) I was asked a series of probing questions and slowly arrived at a way to best treat my shoulder. My therapist carefully demonstrated a series of exercises I was to do and then received Active Myofascial Therapy. Over the course of three visits, my shoulder began to respond to the treatment and I can say that 2 months later I am still pain free… thank you!”

Joshua C. ... Client

When she got up she could not believe the pain was gone

“I gave chair massage tonight at a health club and worked on one of the employees who had pain in her left shoulder down into her rhomboids. I used the AMT you taught us this weekend and when she got up she could not believe the pain was gone. She kept asking me what I did because nothing else had worked. I, of course, told her about AMT and gave her a couple of Actions to do. She’s a personal trainer so I knew she would do exercises. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge!”

Michael Lockard ... Therapist


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