Virtual Accelerated Pain Relief Program

Do you have chronic pain and have been told
"You Have To Live With It",


you don't live near a Diamond Method Therapist ?

We don't know you, nor do we know what your complaint is.

Do you have Movement Restriction? Pain? Headaches? Numbness in your hands or feet?

You may live far away from us...
But, we might be able to help you finally find relief. 

FIRST See If An Active Myofascial Therapist Is In Your Local Area:
Be sure to check this link to see if you can find a therapist who is close to your city. 

But even if you're not able to have an AMT therapist who can see you in person, we might be able to help you from afar through a Virtual Accelerated Pain Relief Program!

(In our experience MOST people's pain or reduced movement is related to their bio-mechanics, inefficient sustained, strained posture and a combination of muscle imbalances throughout their body.... might that be you?)

Many conditions and symptoms can be addressed through The Diamond Method Approach:

  •  Migraines, Headaches, Back aches, Neck pain, Knee Problems, Repetitive Stress Injuries, Post surgery stiffness and/or pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Sciatica are just a few.

6- Steps to Your Virtual Accelerated Pain Relief Program:

  1. Request a brief phone consult to determine if a Virtual Pain Relief Program is applicable for you and your clinical goals.
  2. If a Virtual Accelerate Pain Relief program is appropriate, we'll help you find the most qualified provider for your needs, and you will be scheduled & enrolled.
  3. Your provider will collect your health history, and more specifics of your concerns, complaints and goals to understand the possible causes of YOUR pain, determine WHY you have your pain and formulate a therapy plan to best help you reduce them as fast as possible.
  4. We confirm with your healthcare team they have ruled out anything more serious than basic 'soft-tissue' issues. (Active Myofascial Therapy can help you if your pain is caused by problems in your soft-tissue. )
  5. Sessions are held over the phone / internet / video/ photos and email and may also be facilitated by other local health care providers in your city if needed, such as a physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor or other manual therapist.
  6.  To get the best success: Participate fully, do your 'homework', report all changes, and give honest, open feedback on your personal experience as you go through the program. Your provider will re-focus your therapy plan as needed to get you the BEST RESULTS!

Internationl but Restricted Access:

Due to popularity, many of our certified providers have a limited availability and schedule no more than 2 Virtual Accelerated Pain Relief Programs each month.

(We never like to add someone to a 'wait-list' if you're in a serious condition. You may contact our headquarters at 415-921-1290 for assistance on finding a provider who can see you virtually ASAP.)

How Much Does The Diamond Method Therapy Cost?

If you work either with our founder, Irene Diamond, or any other trained Diamond Method provider, your virtual (or in person) therapy plan will be determined and rates discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning your therapy.

Because we are confident AMT could be the key to YOUR pain relief -- we want to help as many people as we can. Most HSA and Flexible Medical Plans in the USA will cover AMT treatments and you will discuss your needs and financial billing options for the provider in the USA or another country. 

Ready To Get Started?

Send a request for a free, no-cost, no obligation preliminary phone consultation to discuss your needs and to be sure AMT is the right choice for you. Include your phone number along with a bit about your goals, and the city/state/or country you are in so we can best match you with a competent provider.

OR go to this 'FIND-A-THERAPIST' directory page, look up your location and contact the provider directly through their contact information.

We look forward to helping you get out of pain, once and for all!